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Spray Foam and Coatings

We do spray foam insulation in houses, businesses
and metal buildings. Our main 2 types of insulation
are a 1/2 pound open cell foam and a 2 pound closed
cell foam. On a normal new house with 2 x 4  walls
and 2 x 6 rafters, using 1/2 pound foam. We will spray
the wall cavity full and trim the excess off so that it is
ready for sheetrock. The roof will get enough foam to
cover the rafters and fill that cavity. It will not get
trimmed. The outside walls and roof with the foam
insulation will create an envelope. On a 100 degree
day, without the a/c on, the attic will be about 5 - 8
degrees warmer than downstairs. With foam
insulation you will be able to use a smaller heating
and a/c system. This is a normal house but we can do
anything you want.
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Spray Foam and Coatings
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